The GRI provides managers with the skills and tools to better manage their team. Mentoring, coaching and employee support improve with the greater knowledge of individual needs and strengths.

Managers gain a richer understanding of communication styles and their impact on performance. Employees and managers are motivated and engaged. Leadership is stronger at all levels. Every team member takes responsibility for achieving individual and collective success.


Clients testimonials

Tedd Snelgrove, CEO. CellScape

Getting the team dynamic right early is one of the critical success factors ultimately to the outcome of the effort, and honestly one of the biggest challenges for all managers. And that’s what the GRI helps to do. Watch the full interview

Ross Eltherington, VP of Operations. Memeo

When it comes to better understanding what’s going on with people, it takes me a few seconds to look at the GRI profile and spot the few things that will help increase team performance or solve potential issues immediately.

What you will be able to do:

  • Review each team member's GRI Profile with an automatic summary on communication style, strength and motivation.
  • Compare GRI Profiles and analyze style match, fits and gaps between them.
  • Analyze the balance and complementary nature of profiles in teams with the behavior grid.
  • Analyze how team members connect to their job with the PBI (Position Behavior Indicator).
  • Invite team members and candidates to take the GRI Survey.
  • Receive email alerts when team members have taken the GRI or PBI surveys
  • Allow collaboration within recruitment functions to interviews, analyze, rate, comment on and select candidates.
  • Access online learning on management and recruitment applications with FAQs and quizzes on the GRI profiles.