Features and Benefits

No matter what size your company may be—from single location to multi-national organization spanning the globe—your human asset management opportunities and challenges are the same:

  • Find and retain great people.
  • Create and manage teams that excel.
  • Build a dynamic organization that’s invested in its success.
  • Outperform your competitors or differentiate yourself.

The GRI puts the information and insights that make it possible at your fingertips, any time, anywhere in the world.



You are the starting point. Leadership, success in your job and your resulting impact on an organization’s success are closely tied to your ability to understand your talents, your strengths and their underlying motivations. Learn more



The war for talent and the cost of hiring errors is higher than ever. Use GRI to understand —before you hire—how employees will perform and how they will fit in your organization's culture. Learn more



Improve communication with and among team members, establish expectations in each position, and develop leadership skills that catalyze success employing the insights and knowledge gained through the GRI Platform. Learn more



People are the most valuable asset of high-performing organizations, and their leaders know it. Understanding where and how those assets are distributed across an organization and how to maximize their impact is critical. Learn more



GRI unleashes the full productivity of your workforce by giving executives and employees the information and tools they need to thrive. Revealing how one uniquely performs and grows talent is just the start. Learn more

One of the reasons I chose GRI is because of the massive amounts of data that’s been assimilated and synthesized within the tool and the many years of experience both in research and practice within the product.

Adrian Hall, CEO. CFEngine

I have no time to waste, my team has no time to waste, so anything that helps us get to a better state quickly, is important to us and that's why we like the GRI.

Mary Lou Song, CEO. FuelX

I have seen many systems over the years but have found none better than GRI to get to recruit, understand, manage and help people work together more efficiently, in order to reach and surpass our goals.

George Northup Author-it