Reinvent Recruitment & Management - Part 3: Handle Quality Data with Care

Posted by Frederic Lucas-Conwell

Reinvent Recruitment and Management - Part 3: Handle Quality Data with Care

This is the final part of a three-post series about reinventing recruitment and management. In this third part we discuss managing people with better quality data.

At its most basic, better quality data from personality assessments provide managers with a unique method for understanding their people and teams more accurately so that they can recruit, interview, coach, and manage team members more efficiently. Such tools help managers navigate the expectations of the organization for all of its positions and relate them back to the individuals who occupy those positions and teams.

Adrian Hall, the CEO of CF Engine, has found the GRI to be an important catalyst for more effective management at his company. Managers were able to look at the profiles of their team members and see “why Jim may get on with June or not and how they can maybe try and give awareness to the team of why one individual isn’t necessarily getting on with another individual in a particular team.”

Since everything that is done within organizations is done through its people, clarity about what they do and how they do it should be the ultimate goal for organizations. It may come as no surprise that people management, which ideally ought to be more objective, precise, and scientific, tends to be more of an art, based on gut feelings and subjectivity.

By learning about the behavioral profiles of team members and what is required of each of them, managers can manage their teams according to specific members’ needs and the team’s overall objective. Team members can determine the best way to communicate and work with each other, even in challenging times (such as during acquisitions or mergers).

How employees need to be handled through periods of change can be better informed and more successfully handled when organizations have access to quality data regarding the talent they already possess. This requires appropriate implementation by the organization’s leaders and managers. People matters are sensitive by nature and have to be handled with care.

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