Build the Dream Team

A GRI certification focused on people management, team cohesion, and interviewing.

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Take advantage of our performance-driven best practices and on-going research to improve your success and that of your team. Learn about people and their organization, the most effective, memorable, and enjoyable way with the GRI. It will immediately transform your performance and the performance of your organization.

This GRI certification gives you the tools to assess your current and future teammates objectively by removing biases and helping your team do the same, giving you the foundation for building your dream team.

Build the Dream Team gives you the knowledge to identify your talents and strengths, enabling you to recruit and manage people successfully. It will transform the way you lead, communicate, empower, and make decisions about your teammates.

You will recognize how each of them uniquely performs and contributes to your team's overall success.

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What You Will Learn

Gain actionable insights into your leadership style and your unique way to perform, what your talents and strengths are, and how to adapt to your job when this is required.

Get a memorable understanding of the GRI profiles to empower, motivate, and engage all your team members and enhance their performance in the long run.

Define the job characteristics, including the behavioral ones required by any position in your team to perform at new levels. Attract, interview, select, and onboard candidates that match the needs of your team.

Fine-tune your management techniques to your team members’ own styles and needs. Understand the needs of the job, and help your teammates to adjust when this is required.

Apply proven techniques for analyzing the dynamics in teams, avoid unnecessary friction, and improve the trust and quality of the relationships inside your team.

Understand how everyone connects to and participates with your team and the company’s goals, culture, and vision.

What You Will Receive

Expert assistance from a GRI experienced professional

A thought-provoking and friendly learning atmosphere.

The GRI online manual: a fully comprehensive guide to learning the GRI language, practices, and how to implement them in your organization.

Advanced access to the GRI platform with tools to analyze, share, view, and explore the GRI, PBI (Position Behavior Indicator), and TBI (Team Behavior Indicator) results.

Invitation to the GRI survey.

Online tools and resources to exercise your GRI skills and continue to learn and grow.

A follow-up with the GRI professional for questions regarding the GRI profiles, their interpretation, use, and implementation in your real cases of motivation, recruitment, or team performance.

Learning options

The Build the Dream Team certification is available in various formats: self-paced, online, on-site, or blended.

Self-paced: The program includes 13 sessions of 30 minutes to one hour long with remote access to a consultant.

Online: The program includes six sessions of two to three hours, each led by a consultant.

On-site: The certification is organized on-site and led by a consultant.

Blended: Self-paced, online, and on-site online sessions are combined.

In any case, the total time commitment is between 12 hours and 18 hours, depending on the format and the pace set by the participants.

Appropriate for

Line Managers and Supervisors

Executive coaches

Human Resources and Organizational Development leaders

Additional Details

The group must choose the same option: self-paced, online, on-site, or blended.

The price may not include shared expenses (travel, lunch, and room setting).

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