Whether you are an Executive, Manager, HR Expert or Employee, you can maximize your leadership and satisfaction in your job.

When you know yourself as well as the expectations of your job and role on your team, you can more effectively build your leadership, develop your skills, competencies, and communication styles in order to function productively and excel in your position.


Clients testimonials

Paxton Song, COO. FuelX

For me, receiving my information was very interesting. It not only helped me get a better understanding of how I make decisions and what process I go through in order to reach those decisions, but also how I should be interfacing with others, who may or may not have similar attributes. Watch the full interview

Bob Fung, VP of Engineering. Owens Design

One of our sales people was adapting his behavior in a way that was just energy draining. It was really enlightening for him to see that, and it was really enlightening for me to understand why the tension exists, allowing me to have a much better interaction with my team. Watch the full interview

What you will be able to do:

  • Analyze GRI Profiles
  • Access summaries of one's:
    1. communication style
    2. strengths
    3. primary drives and motivation
    4. most natural way to make decisions and act
    5. adaptations to the environment
    6. behaviors that would be stressful or difficult to adopt.
  • Compare one's style with others'.
  • Invite contacts to take the GRI.
  • Share one's profile with others.
  • Compare one's profile with the behavior expected in the job (PBI - Position Behavior Indicator).
  • Map the behavior of one's teams and contacts.
  • Access online learning about the profiles.