The GRI is an invaluable resource for resolving job/team performance, talent matching and distribution, succession planning at all levels, and measuring the impact of communication on employee engagement. Bottom line result is: effective, motivating leadership and greater organizational performance.

An organization is successful when the key drivers of performance are known and met. When it comes to people, GRI provides the tools and knowledge to define and manage the key metrics across the entire organization for a company's success.


Clients' Testimonials

Mary Lou Song, CEO. FuelX

The platform shows very quickly what the overall culture of the team is like, so you get a very fast assessment of what the team is like together.
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Adrian Hall, CEO. CFEngine

One of the really powerful elements of the GRI platform is to allow the management team or a group of individual contributors, to get visibility into their peers and understand how they may interact in a very different function. This has helped dramatically from a team dynamics perspective and to allow me to build the culture of the organization. Watch the full interview

What you will be able to do:

  • Define TBIs (Team Behavior Indicators) for teams, departments and the whole organization.
  • View the organization chart by levels with persons' profiles, PBIs and fit-gap analyses.
  • Analyze the engagement and adaptation levels of teams.
  • Map natural, perceived role and effective behavior patterns for the whole organization.
  • Analyze the distribution of behavior.
  • Analyze fits and gaps between expected behavior and natural, perceived and effective behavior.
  • Access online learning about organizational applications with FAQs and quizzes.